Heerlen show diary

Thursday afternoon:
Just got home from college. The original plan was to drive directly to CXHQ and try to get a quick rehearsal in this evening, since we missed rehearsing last weekend because of my horrendous gastroenteritis. However it now seems Andy can’t make it this eve, and I’m incredibly far behind in stuff, so I decide to go up later and get some things done at home. Just as well, because it appears my gastroenteritis is having a mild return. Eeek! So I go to bed at 19.00 and sleep for an hour. Get up feeling crap and putter round the house. Finally get on the highway to Manchester at about 23.30.

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Show in Heerlen in January

Not much info yet, but it’s on January 30th at Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, Holland (right next to Aachen, Germany) and will cost 12,5/15 Euro to get in. More info as we find out…

german tour cancelled

We’ve just very reluctantly made the decision to cancel the German shows next week. We hate cancelling shows, but serious personal issues mean there’s really no other option right now. We’re currently aiming to reschedule them for the autumn.

Major apologies to all those who already bought tickets. We’ll make it up to you as soon as we can.

Shows in the next month!

Don’t forget we’re playing some shows in the next weeks:

  • April 18: Bath, UK
  • May 1: Bochum, Germany
  • May 2: Berlin, Germany
  • May 3: Hamburg, Germany

We’ll be bringing lots of merchandise, like T-shirts and some rare CDs to each show, so bring some extra cash along! We always like to hang out at the merchandising booth and sign autographs and chat after the show, so if you have something you’d like autographed, do bring it along.

We’re also looking for someone who would be interested in helping us sell merchandising at the German shows. If you’d like to help out, and get to spend time backstage with us (and maybe even get a free T-shirt!), please send us a mail!

New flyer for Hamburg

Here it is – please pass this around and get as many people as possible to the show! If you need a hi-res version for printing, just let us know. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge…