CX on eMusic

Wetware & the Twice As Good EP are now also available via eMusic. This is the music download service we use ourselves – it’s all independent stuff, no DRM, good quality MP3 files. If you’re looking to download our stuff, this is a good place.

We also spent most of last week in the studio preparing some other stuff. More info on that coming up shortly…

CX on Napster

The first download site to  offer the Wetware album and the Twice As Good EP is Napster! If you’ve got a Napster account already, go get them today… Within the next few weeks they will also be available on other download sites such as eMusic and iTunes as well, so if you use one of those sites, wait for that.

WGT review

There’s a great review of the Wave Gothic Treff show at Nemesis To Go

There’s one more band to go. The headliners are due on stage any minute. Suddenly, a backdrop of LEDs blazes into life, as if someone’s tapped a vein of raw electricity. Shadowy figures take up instruments. This is Cassandra Complex, a band with a convoluted past that goes back to the 80s in the UK, and a slightly more recent status as alternative rock heroes in Germany. Like many bands with a lengthy history, Cassandra Complex have gone through many line-up changes and periods of not-doing-much, or only-doing-stuff-in-the-Continenal-scene, to the point where the band’s UK profile has in recent years barely risen above earthworm level. Significantly, while several Cassandra Complex pages exist in various international editions of Wikipedia, the English-language entry is brief, basic – and written in the past tense. Here at the WGT, however, the band members – the original line-up, no less – are hailed as conquering heroes as they emerge from the shadows, with main man Rodney Orpheus recieving his own ovation. And it doesn’t let up from that point forward. The band crank it like good ‘uns, kicking up a driving, thunderous, rhythmic onslaught that sweeps all before it. Curiously, given that in certain quarters Cassandra Complex are hailed as pioneers of EBM, it’s unashamedly guitar-driven music (just in case we haven’t twigged, the guitarist demonstrates a fine repertoire of plank-hero postures throughout the set) that tips its hat to ye olde rock ‘n’ roll even as it eats the big dancefloor beat. Rodney Orpheus himself is obviously revelling in the experience – fronting a pounding behemoth of a band, before a crowd of cheering fans – well, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, innit? Unashamedly milking the adulation, he strikes messiah poses that would seem downright Spinal Tap-ish were it not for the big grin on his face. He even indulges in some quality crowd surfing, trusting the fans to bear him off into the hinterland of the audience and then return him stagewards just in time for the chorus. It all fits, and it all works: the celebratory atmosphere, the ever-shifting LED array strobing over everything, and the beat that just doesn’t quit – if ever there was a situation where all the threads are pulled together into a glorious whole, we’re witnessing it now.

new CX custom store open

We’ve had success with our eBay store in the past couple of months so we’ve decided to extend things a little and open a new custom on-demand store as well. So far we’ve got some nice CX2K, Wetware and Sex & Death themed items up there that we think you might like. Go have a look, and if you like something, please buy it – it’s your money that keeps us going!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for there, leave a comment to this post or mail us and we’ll try to add some new items as time goes on.

Note that at the moment we can only supply custom items in Europe! If you’re not in Europe, do check out our eBay store, we mail worldwide from there.

New song uploads on MySpace

We’ve just posted a couple of rare tracks to our MySpace player:

  • Twice As Good (Genytal Mix) is a remix by our very good friends Daniel & Patrick from Front 242
  • Nothing Personal is a small sweet song that Rodney wrote and recorded at home during the Wetware sessions.

Both songs are available on the Twice As Good CD single.

Volker on MySpace

Volker just joined the 21st century and got a MySpace page. If you use MySpace, go friend him and say hello.

Personally I hate MySpace: I dislike the layout, I dislike the way it keeps lagging out, and most of all I dislike the people who own it – the very right-wing News Corporation, who also run Fox News in America, and pump out propaganda for the Bush administration. On the other hand, it’s important that we have a presence there in order to get our message out. It still makes me a little uncomfortable though.