Soulshadow today!

Looks like we’ll be at Soulshadow record store this evening (Wednesday). Anyone in Sao Paulo who would like to meet us – please come along and say hello! Also we’re having a party tomorrow night (Thursday) let us know if you want to come! More info later…

Downloads coming…

Up until now most of our records haven’t been available for download anywhere. That’s been deliberate, since we don’t approve of the restrictive Digital Restriction Management used by most download sites, or of their payment policies. However that’s about to change… We’re currently uploading Wetware, the Twice As Good EP, and Rodney’s Sun God album to several different sites. Within the next few weeks you should be able to get hold of them from eMusic, Amazon MP3, iTunes, and elsewhere. We’ll let you know when they appear on each site, it usually takes a few weeks after we sign the deal for them to be released to the public. Hopefully you’ll be able to download them for Xmas!

For those that have been looking for the earlier albums… more info about those coming shortly.

rehearsing in the cold

It’s getting really cold here in Manchester, and Paul, Andy & I have all been at CXHQ for the past couple of days rehearsing for the Whitby show (Volker is still stuck in Germany until Friday). The rehearsals are going great, but the heating system has broken down here, so we’re freezing. Oh well, at least the music sounds hot 🙂

Hopefully we’ll have the heating fixed tomorrow, until then we are huddling round a couple of electric heaters eating curry to stay warm…


In case you hadn’t noticed already, we have an RSS feed from this site. If you use a modern web browser like Firefox 2, Opera 9, or even Internet Explorer 7 (ugh!) you can subscribe to the RSS feed to have the latest news from here pushed directly to your browser. It’s a very cool feature, and we definitely recommend it.

user registration

We’ve just opened this site up to user registration. This means that anyone can log in and write comments to the posts we’ve made. It’s a bit of an experiment, so we don’t guarantee it’ll stay that way, but let’s see how it goes.