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December 10, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

The show last night went smashingly well! There were 115 people there (I think) and our set really kicked ass! All of us were in much better form than the Rostock show.

11:40AM. Rolling out of the Top Motel in Glauchau. It seems that a number of us, myself included, are more tired today than normal – the gigs are catching up with us and it’s only the 3rd day out.

Yesterday Volker was really worn out from driving 7 hours and he seemed to be having a rough night. I felt bad for him and tried to stay out of his way. We were called back for two encores, and after “Beyond Belief” the audience seemed to be satisfied. I went to the merchandise booth after the show and Kelly reported that not much was happening regarding sales. However after I went to change she came up and got me to sign some of my CDs – I guess people were just taking a long time to decide to buy stuff.

Another plus from last night was that the “Sex, Death and Eyeliner” video was finally shown, after much fucking around with the machine and a few false starts. The audience reaction was mixed.

Rodney is eating breakfast now in the van. While he was showing us all the ingenuity of German invention, he ripped the top off the combination yogurt/cereal container and asked for a trashbag. There was none, so he threw the lid and it stuck to the door of the van, glued by yogurt. There it remains now as a mascot. I’m not touching it!

1:10PM. We’re already checked in to the hotel in Leipzig – a very nice Hotel Mercure! We got into the room to find the TV displayed a welcome to “Mr. and Mrs. Cassandra”! What a very strange and wonderful phenomenon.

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