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December 11, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

The show last night was at the “Moritz-Bastei”. It was, by far, the most Gothic venue I have ever played in. It looked like a stone dungeon, complete with black iron bars closing off some rooms and torches lining the walls. Load-in was a real bitch. There were three flights of stairs, one up and one down, then one even further down (or vice-versa, depending on which way you were going). The rooms were cavernous and the place was full of secret passages. It was really cool. Not the best, however, for putting on a show.*

11:20AM. We’re on our way out of Leipzig and stopped at the side of the road: Mindy had to jump out and puke. She’s really hung over today. It didn’t help that we were up until 3AM drinking Vermouth. Yuck!

*Back to the plot. OK, so after load-in, it took forever for the crew to get power on stage. There were only two stagehands, and they weren’t the brightest bulbs in the lamp. The stage wasn’t very big, and the setup with the risers made the logistics of going from keyboard to cello and back very interesting.

Once we got going into soundcheck, everything seemed to be OK and I was optimistic. We had decent red wine backstage, which also helped put us (at least Volker and I) into proper show-mode.

However, things started to go south when the video player refused to work again. We went on earlier than planned. During the show I started having problems with the MS2000, which locked up between songs and I had to reboot it. It was reacting to the poor power supply and the fog machine, which was too close to all of the electronic gear because of the tiny stage. Worst of all, the mini-disc player (it plays the drum & sequencer tracks) rejected the disk about halfway through the set, which left us standing around looking embarrassed for about 5-10 minutes. Mindy, Axel and Rodney got it sorted out and we were able to use the backup disk.

Earlier in the day I had the chance to go out to the Christmas Market with Chris, Kelly and Mindy. It was fun, sort of a touch of Renaissance Faire and street fair. There were rides for kids, including a beautiful double-decked carousel that looked as if if had been built in the late 1800s! We stopped in a bookstore and saw miniature books, mostly in German of course, but some in English. They were tempting but I couldn’t afford the 39 marks to get them as presents. This morning Mindy and I got up at 7:30 to get ready to 1) record a new minidisk and 2) find some screws for my luggage, which is about to fall apart. There were no screws to be had after I had walked with Volker to the Hauptbanhof in moderate rain. We were on a mission to get new minidisks, deposit money in the bank, and get other assorted things that people needed. When we got back to the hotel Mindy and Rodney were waiting already in the lobby; Rodney was displeased with our tardiness.

On our way out to the bus, my luggage finally broke. I really need to find some screws for it soon. I’ll have to wrap it in duct tape if I don’t!

12:20PM. Still on the road, and on the way to Stuttgart. I keep falling asleep and my mouth is all dried up and sour…at least I’m not drooling.

12:56PM. We are still driving, after a short stop to let Mindy out to cleanse her ailing digestive system again. While we were stopped I made use of the WC, which was an all-metal toilet. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be sat upon, but in my case that usually doesn’t matter. Over the years I have perfected the hover-piss! Kelly is a sweetie. She gave me a sticker sheet full of horses! And Chris bought me a Kinder-egg! They rock.

After tonight’s show, we’ll have a monitor guy riding with us, and at some point after tonight I think I heard that Volker’s wife would also be joining us in the van.

1:15PM. I just saw some deer grazing in a field. They’re grayish, not like the deer I’m used to seeing in the States. I love seeing all the forest and fields, and especially lots of horses and farms. I was super-jealous when I saw someone riding a horse at a full gallop through a huge field the day we drove into Glauchau. I wish I could just go off riding like that! Someday!

4:40PM. Coming into Stuttgart. It looks much more modern here than in the other cities we’ve been in, even more modern somehow than Leipzig. Of course, we are hitting Monday rush hour traffic.

My kinder-egg had a hen in it.

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