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December 3, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

9:00AM. Drinking very strong coffee and getting ready to shower. Was able to wash out my top to rid it of drool and sweat from the plane ride. Hooray!

7:30PM. Back at Rodney’s. Went to rehearsal today around noon; loaded in vast amounts of gear to a small studio. The studio itself is in an industrial area of Hamburg, and best of all, it seems to be someone’s house! We got through “Dion Fortune” and one other song before Rodney had to return home. We plugged through all the songs that called for cello, and put off doing the rest because we had power supply issues with the MS2000 (we didn’t have a Euro supply for it). At least we were able to get the J-Stations working. In total, the four of us (Volker, Chris, Mindy and myself) rehearsed 8 songs to the CD.

By the time we got back to Rodney’s place, Heidi had returned from holiday. She greeted us warmly and stayed briefly, but then left to stay at her boyfriend’s place.

Rodney found the German power supply for the MS2000, which should make for a better rehearsal tomorrow. I’m so tired. I have to stay up to do some programming on the J-Station tonight, though – and I wish I had the energy to go to the Hamburger Dom, which is a big carnival and tonight is the final night. Rodney’s pissed because the BBC is doing a documentary on him and they wanted to film him there, but as the festival is ending now they won’t be able to. The “beeb” will at least be around to film the last CX performance of the tour in Hamburg, which should be really good.

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