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December 4, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

11:25PM. Just to recount the day: I woke up at 8:15AM after having vivid dreams involving the sale of odd, brightly colored masturbational aids in the setting of an old or abandoned venue or shopping mall with a defunct restaurant inside of it. Very strange.

Early in the afternoon I went shopping with Chris and Rodney. This was after I managed to break the nozzle on my brand-new, expensive hairspray bottle. We got a big bottle of bleach for me to use on the bathtub, which soaks up blue hair dye like I’ve never seen. I am now relegated to bleaching out the tub every time I get my hair wet. Otherwise, I have been told, we will all be in BIG TROUBLE. Fair enough. I can’t wait until we get to the hotels.

1:00PM. Mindy had been in our company for about an hour. The four of us went to Steinberg to pick up the Access Virus that Rodney is borrowing for Mindy to use. We had lunch at a little Greek cafe with two of the Steinberg guys, who said they’d be at the big Hamburg gig on the 18th.

At rehearsal we managed to get through “Realm of the Senseless”, which we called “Realm of the Cigarette” because both Chris and Volker take a break during that song. We also go through “When I Fall In Love”, “Valis”, “Second Shot” and “Voices” – all of which are now mixed down to minidisc.

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