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December 5, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

10AM. Volker called to tell us that 1) he has the flu, and 2) Martin is offering to drive his truck on the tour! That is excellent news – we get a gear truck now! No more worries about getting all the stuff in the van. Martin also wants to bring eight scanners instead of four; we definitely won’t be lacking for creative lights during the set. So cool!

11:15AM. Mindy should be here any second now to pick us up for rehearsal. If we start at 12 we’ll at least get a good 3 -hour start on yesterday’s rehearsal. Overall, things are looking good, but we still need lots more practice.

9:05PM. I am completely exhausted. Rehearsal was pretty rough, although we got a lot done. Rodney told Volker not to come near the studio today because he is afraid of catching Volker’s flu. This was unfortunate, because we needed him there for most songs. I can’t write anymore – must sleep now!

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