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December 6, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

Awoke about 45 minutes later than yesterday. Out of bed at 8:25AM, stretched immediately, and went for a shower. I refrained from getting my hair wet because I didn’t want to bleach the tub again. Currently it’s about 10:30AM. I had a fine breakfast of cheese and cookie (the bread was too stale to slice) with OJ and coffee. Today’s plan is for Mindy to pick up an En-Voice compressor for the cello and then pick us up to go to rehearsal. Undoubtedly we will start later than the targeted time of 12PM. I hope today goes more smoothly than yesterday.

12:15AM (still day 6 to me, dammit!) Rehearsal went much better today. Volker was feeling better and was able to participate, which helped us out a lot. After rehearsal Rodney called Kelly and confirmed that she should come on the tour to do merchandising. Since Martin will use his truck it will save a lot on space, and Kelly is a good friend to Rodney – so it all worked out happily!

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