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December 7, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

10:15AM. It’s the day before the first show. We will likely have a shorter rehearsal; Volker has to leave at 8, and Chris is going to a meditation at 7:30. We still need about one more day of rehearsal than what we will get, but we’ll just have to make do. We got a lot done yesterday – we’ll be OK. I’m getting a little nervous now – just some pre-show jitters. I’ve got the pre-show adrenaline going already!

9:05PM. I’m sitting in the rehearsal studio with Mindy as she copies the backing tracks to minidisc. We did not rehearse at all today because we blew a fuse the instant we tried to power up. We couldn’t contact the people who rented out the space until much later in the evening, and we couldn’t locate the fuses on our own. So we spent the day changing strings, cleaning instruments, and planning. I put a new set of strings on the cello and noticed a vast improvement in its performance. If all goes well, I won’t break any. Hooray!

Right now I’m just going over my parts for cello, waiting for the songs to get dumped onto disc. I’m putting the songs into my hands as well as my head as I go along. Rodney just picked up Kelly from the train station, and then after being here all of 5 minutes, they decided it would be a better idea to go back to Rodney’s to let Kelly drop off all of her stuff.

Today Axel, who will be our soundman for this tour, dropped by to see how rehearsal was going and get an idea of what our setup is like. I like Axel because he likes hot sauce.

Tonight Martin came by with his truck. We loaded all the gear into it, and Martin left. He’ll meet us at Rodney’s tomorrow to pick up merchandise. The current plan is: we load the people and luggage into the van tomorrow morning at 11, then roll out at 11:30. I’m excited!

12:30AM. Still day 7 dammit! I have finally seen the large jackrabbits that have been rumored to live in the lawns and gardens here. I saw two of them distinctly tonight sitting upright and watching us as we drove by in Mindy’s car on the way back to the apartment. They were huge. Images of Watership Down danced in my head. I am really enjoying the opportunity to see birds and other wildlife here that I just don’t see in the States – like Magpies, for example. They’re beautiful birds, almost like penguins in their markings. Rodney told us all the Magpie rhyme and before I forget it, I should write it down:

One for sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for a girl,

Four for a boy,

Five for silver,

Six for gold,

Seven for a secret never to be told!

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