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December 8, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

11:55AM. Rolling out to start the tour! First stop: Steinberg.

12:15PM. Waiting in the van at Steinberg in the parking lot. Again. This is the third day in a row, I think. Volker is at the wheel, Mindy is shotgun, and Rodney just came back. I’m sitting next to him in the middle. Chris and Kelly are riding in the back. All the luggage fits easily in the back of the van, including my cello and Chris’ guitar. Now we’re trying to turn the van around….ack!…let Spinal Tap begin! Wahoo! Watch that wall…!

OK. Coming out of the parking lot, this guy starts looking at us and blowing kisses. Then he came up to the van and was about to try the door, but Volker pulled away before he could do it. Not 30 seconds on the road, and already we’re getting hassled by weirdos!

2:20AM (still day 8, dammit). All I can say is…WOW. I have to admit this show was one of the strangest ever. While we were on the way to Rostock we had to stop at a gas station to pee, and of course we showed up just as both restrooms were being cleaned.

Before that we were crawling through the forest because of a police checkpoint along the small highway. We arrived in Rostock around 3:30-ish, and got to the venue at exactly 4PM. Sound check was a good 2 hours or more, although load-in was quick because Martin and Axel got there way ahead of us and loaded in everything by themselves. Sound check went badly at best.

Too tired…I’ll finish tomorrow.

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