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December 9, 2000 |

Mera’s Tour Diary

10:15AM. We are presently checking out of the floating hotel. The hotel is actually a ferry of some sort, and it is extremely bizarre. The rooms were very short and all the doorways had a 5-inch lip that you either had to step over or fall over. Instead of journalling last night, I watched some stupid movie inspired by Planet of the Apes. These two apes were being ridiculed for something, and then they were exalted. We just passed a big carnival and now we’re stuck waiting to push through some accident site. We’re chatting about nursery rhymes and old classic fairy tales to amuse ourselves.

To continue about last night’s show: Sound check was bad, which usually means that the set will be better. This was not to be. The set started out strong and fun. However, Rodney was having some problems hearing from his wedge, and soon after everyone else seemed to be having some difficulties as well. I was having problems adjusting to the in-ear monitors and some of my cello parts were shaky, so I was miserable during the cello songs. During “When I Fall In Love”, I was out of tune with Chris and couldn’t recover from it, and afterward I thought it was time to get back on the keyboards. It was just wishful thinking, however – I was already at the keyboards when “Tell Me” started, and then I realized my mistake. I tried to get offstage but was caught in the cable from the in-ears, so I crouched to the side of the stage. Rodney came over to see what the hell my problem was, but I just told him to just go on with the song and I’d explain later. After the set I was shaking hard, in spite of a great audience response and encouragement from everyone else. We got called back for two encores, which surprised us, as we didn’t feel it was our best performance by a long shot. When the audience called us back for a third encore, we stopped. We had simply run out of songs. Surprisingly the merchandise went well that night too – again, very odd after playing an under-par show. We were lucky to have had such a kind audience. I suppose it helped that we brought out some beer for them during the set.

Another problem with the show was that the video player wouldn’t run, and probably won’t run for the rest of the tour. When Rodney learned about this, he threw a fit backstage and was running around in his underwear yelling about everyone being an idiot. I half expected him to run out through the audience and into the booth like that to fix the machine himself!

4:45PM. We are at Alte-Spinnieri in Glauchau. Our gear is stuck in a traffic jam with Axel and Martin; they’re about 45 minutes behind us. We’re sitting around snacking. The trip here went through Leipzig, which is where we play tomorrow. The scenery is amazing – rolling fields, horses, livestock, old crumbling stone houses, barns and castles, and we even passed by a pony-drawn cart about 5km from the club. One of the ponies didn’t like our van zooming past his nose and was protesting on his hind legs as we went by. This club is nice; marble floors and two levels. There are no pre-sold tickets for tonight, and we are cutting the set down. Rodney suggested playing an Oblivia track in place of the movie, which of course I was glad to have done.

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