The Story of “Grenade” – Part 2


I first heard the prototype of March when I did my “famous” interview with the band in early 1984. It sounded quite different then. It was slower and had bass guitar on it but no keyboards. The sequencer was less defined. But all Rodney’s words and the beat were there and they have never changed. I was very intrigued.

When I joined the band we changed the music quite significantly. Paul played keyboard rather than bass. My guitar was upfront and aggressive. It was faster and harder.

The single version was the sound of us learning to make a record and the video we made shows how we were then. It was filmed in the cellar where we recorded the single. More rock and roll than the original version but looking at the future. 

When we got to record it again for Grenade we set the live band up in the studio and blasted it out as we would onstage. You can hear the chaos that could be witnessed at our gigs. The sequencer now angrily and remorselessly hammering away and John’s sax adding wild spice to the recipe. Finally attaining a kind of freedom.