New song uploads on MySpace

We’ve just posted a couple of rare tracks to our MySpace player:

  • Twice As Good (Genytal Mix) is a remix by our very good friends Daniel & Patrick from Front 242
  • Nothing Personal is a small sweet song that Rodney wrote and recorded at home during the Wetware sessions.

Both songs are available on the Twice As Good CD single.


In case you hadn’t noticed already, we have an RSS feed from this site. If you use a modern web browser like Firefox 2, Opera 9, or even Internet Explorer 7 (ugh!) you can subscribe to the RSS feed to have the latest news from here pushed directly to your browser. It’s a very cool feature, and we definitely recommend it.

user registration

We’ve just opened this site up to user registration. This means that anyone can log in and write comments to the posts we’ve made. It’s a bit of an experiment, so we don’t guarantee it’ll stay that way, but let’s see how it goes.

Volker on MySpace

Volker just joined the 21st century and got a MySpace page. If you use MySpace, go friend him and say hello.

Personally I hate MySpace: I dislike the layout, I dislike the way it keeps lagging out, and most of all I dislike the people who own it – the very right-wing News Corporation, who also run Fox News in America, and pump out propaganda for the Bush administration. On the other hand, it’s important that we have a presence there in order to get our message out. It still makes me a little uncomfortable though.

March @ YouTube

We’ve just uploaded a very rare CX video to YouTube for you all. It’s the first ever promo video we ever shot, way back in 1985 for the March single. Check it out here!

We’ve got tons of old videos in the archives back here, if there’s enough interest we’ll upload some more… so do let us know!