BIMFest review @ Reflections of Darkness

BIMFest was great, thanks to all who came. Extra-special thanks to Emelie from Psy’Aviah for introducing us too! The first review is out already at the Reflections of Darkness blog. Here are the important bits…

Music & Performance
The announcement on the festival website said “THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX will prove they’re still alive and kicking…”. And this wasn’t promised too much. They were indeed very alive and kicking presenting a Goth-rock-wave-electro concert how you with it would be. Just one thing was missing: Volker with his guitar and bass. But also as a trio the band rocked! They did not need any big banners or video screens, how Rodney surprised stated after he was asked by the promoters… he just said on stage “We don’t have a big banner or videos. We don’t need that. We’re THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX!” True, good music, dedicated musicians and an audience willing to party is all you need for a good concert. The setlist contained several true hits. So, we could enjoy ‘What Can I Do for You’, ‘Satisfy Me’ or the heavily requested ‘Moscow Idaho’.

During ‘Twice as good’, two fans entered the stage to give Rodney a hug who was just heavily smiling. He was in a real great mood, having a big smile in his face all over the concert, shaking his hips and shaking hands. Later in the set, he got a piece of paper from a girl in the audience with a music request… ‘Penny Century’. Unfortunately the band could not play this song because “Volker with his bass was missing” but anyway, we got one verse a capella. Great that there are still bands out there good for such spontaneous actions! Of course, THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX had to give an encore which consisted of ‘No Quarter’ and ‘March’. Fantastic show! I loved it a lot.

01. What Can I Do For You
02. Datakill
03. Presents
04. God John
05. Twice As Good
06. Bad Faith
07. Second Shot
08. Satisfy Me
09. War against Sleep
10. Moscow Idaho

11. No Quarter
12. March

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8.5 / 10

Show in Heerlen in January

Not much info yet, but it’s on January 30th at Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, Holland (right next to Aachen, Germany) and will cost 12,5/15 Euro to get in. More info as we find out…