Sao Paulo review

Nice review of the Machina festival at Projeto D.Monia. Roughly translated it says:

Finally the long-awaited band Cassandra Complex entered the stage, producing a strong show in a perfect mixture between rock and electronics with a lot of guitars and synth sounds. The performance of singer Rodney Orpheus was memorable as he celebrated with the fans, dancing, playing on the floor, singing a crossover between post-punk and EBM with songs like “Moscow, Idaho”, “War against sleep”, “One Millionth Happy Customer,” “(In Search of) Penny Century,” “Second Shot”, “VALIS” among others. A show that mixed extreme professionalism, charisma and fun. Machinery and emotion to the umpteenth power. A memorable moment for all those who have listened to the tracks in years past … It would be unfair to define a band like Cassandra Complex by way of other artists but imagine Bauhaus meets Krautrock alive and kicking. Excellent, a memorable show.

CX in Sao Paulo 1

CX in Sao Paulo 2