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Heerlen show diary

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Thursday afternoon:
Just got home from college. The original plan was to drive directly to CXHQ and try to get a quick rehearsal in this evening, since we missed rehearsing last weekend because of my horrendous gastroenteritis. However it now seems Andy can’t make it this eve, and I’m incredibly far behind in stuff, so I decide to go up later and get some things done at home. Just as well, because it appears my gastroenteritis is having a mild return. Eeek! So I go to bed at 19.00 and sleep for an hour. Get up feeling crap and putter round the house. Finally get on the highway to Manchester at about 23.30.

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Black Cat pics from BIMFest

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Some excellent pictures from the BIMFest show have been posted by Black Cat on her site. Thanks for those shots BC!
Rodney @ BIMFest

Andy @ BIMFest

Paul @ BIMFest

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