Reflections of Darkness rates our show at New Waves Day 9/10

THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX are an electro-gothic-industrial-cyberpunk outfit, with a new album out called ‘The Plague’ in May, which made it to number 1 in the German Alternative Charts. A difference of style now to the previous band, with first song ‘The Invisibles’ – a mix of harsher electronic beats with driving guitars. Fantastic lighting with additional LED stands, adding to the great onslaught of the band’s sound explosion. ‘Bad Faith’ stomped about magnificently, and frontman Rodney, already cheering the crowd while line-checking partly in German, partly in English, really enjoying his stage time, dancing around with abandon. He also gives a shout out to his band member Andy on guitar who couldn’t make it as he had become a dad that day, and introduces band members in a very tongue-in-cheek way.

cassandracomplex D4S8670 klein

Stand-out song ‘Old Boys Network’ got the crowd dancing and moving up to the back, no pause until the last song is announced. It is the quite punky and raw – ‘March’ – his first ever written song, the frontman lets us know. Overall it was an awesome and energetic show to remember!

Setlist: 01. The Invisibles / 02. Nightfall / 03. Hotline To Elvis / 04. Bad Faith / 05. Valis / 06. Ground / 07. The Crown Lies Heavy / 08. Old Boys Network / 09. Moscow Idaho / 10. March

Rating: 9 / 10

Hotline to Elvis is Track of the Month at A Model of Control

UK reviews site A Model of Control has picked Hotline to Elvis as one of their Tracks of the Month.

Remarkably the first album from this long-running band for over twenty years, The Plague has turned out to be a hugely enjoyable, and varied album – much as CX have often been (and apologies for not featuring this in the past month or so, as I originally intended to!). A band that don’t really fit into the usual pigeonholes – Rodney Orpheus is happy dipping into industrial, goth, post-punk, darkwave and even lush balladry whenever he feels like it – and this album just rams that sonic wanderlust home. The lead track is for me the pick of the album, a full-throttle electro-rock track where Orpheus pokes fun at claims Elvis is still alive, while doing his own best impressions of The King at points. Who knew a phone number could be such a catchy hook? “1-900-909-ELVIS…

NWD Review in Monkey Press

Great review of our show at New Waves Day from Monkey Press.

“The Cassandra Complex was much more electronic. The band came with a tailwind, as The Plague, the first album in 22 years, was released just a few weeks before the performance, which received good reviews and recently climbed to number two in the German alternative charts. [Actually it got to #1, but never mind 🙂 ]

Among other things, the title song and the anti-Boris Johnson and Donald Trump single The Crown Lies Heavy On Its King were also part of the setlist. Founder and singer Rodney Orpheus was a bit nervous, as he admitted in one of his interim announcements. The reason being that guitarist Andy Booth was about to give birth to a new generation – with the spontaneous replacement from the band’s environment, it was possible to rehearse exactly once.

However, the jump into cold water was successful. The anthemic Electro-Rock caused a lot of movement in front of the stage. The Northern Irishman Orpheus, who spent many years of his life in Aachen and Hamburg, among other places, apologized for his “not so good German”, only to talk a surprising amount in surprisingly good German between the songs. He was also the only musician who really communicated with the fans during the day – the other bands had almost constant silence between their songs.

We wish Rodney the best for this first regular Cassandra Complex concert since 2019 – and wish this likeable band more performance opportunities in the near future.”


We just reached #1 in the German Alternative Album Chart (and #6 in the Singles chart)!

Big thanks to all the fans, DJs, and journalists who have supported us. We couldn’t do it without you!

Indie Moodd reviews The Plague

…a small miracle… The strength of the formation is to produce music with a unique blend. Elements of punk, rock, pop and electro sound present, bathed in various experimentations accompanied by the singular vocals of Rodney Orpheus… Everything is there. Melodic tracks, synthesized and hovering sometimes frontal, sometimes melancholy…

THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX returns through the front door with a strong and diversified album. We did not expect so much and this gift is not ready to be forgotten as the whole is discovered over the listening. What a nice job. One of THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX ‘s best album to date! Exceptional!!!

Freund, Indie Moodd

WL//WH Review: “The Plague” is the remarkable new album by THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX

“…10 brand new and trademark songs that are similar to their past musings that put them at the tops of the genre they serve…..or better, the genre they pioneer…As for their melodies, they come up like the dusty scent of the youth in the basement clubs and the dedicated scenes of the world, catchy, romantic, and angry at times with authenticity”

Mike Dimitriou, White Light / White Heat

Reflections of Darkness reviews The Plague

“When you’ve lived through just about every genre that’s ever been invented – and shaped one or two along the way…

…up to date and hitting the spot with lyrically hard-hitting observations and a cynical take on the endless recycling of genres and topics.”

Stephen Kennedy, Reflections of Darkness

First review of The Plague en francais…

“Hold on tight: The Cassandra Complex, one of the most influential bands of the EBM-punk-electro-industrial (yes, all that mixed up) scene of the 80s, vastly underrated in good rock guidebooks and shamefully forgotten, is back… (who has not experienced a Cassandra Complex concert has not experienced anything…). And “The Plague” lives up to all expectations!

…this album contains everything that we have always adored in the group of Rodney Orpheus, Volker Zacharias and Andy Booth.”

Fred Thébault, Premonition

The Plague review in Sounds & Shadows

“Overall this is a triumphant return, a band that has earned the freedom and skill to treat their fans to a fearless and personal glimpse into the human experience in a failing system. It is my sincere hope that this is a path back for younger new fans to one of the bands that paved the way for the modern darkscene.”

Ken Magerman, Sounds & Shadows