Rodney Orpheus & Lord A: An exclusive interview

In this edition Lord A interviews British musician and writer Rodney Orpheus in this exclusive video! Our guest is the bandleader of The Cassandra Complex, a legendary band in the Gothic, electronic and industrial musical context! He is also responsible for the Sun God project and is also the author of the book Abrahadabra: Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic Magic and it will be a special and exclusive interview! In it we will talk about True Will, Thelema, Voodoo, Santeria at the same time we will talk about muses, lucid dreams, Grant Morrison and backstage stories lived by Rodney Orpheus.

Stay-In-Fest Live Stream on YouTube

The live stream show from Stay-In-Fest was a huge success – we had hundreds of live viewers who seemed to really love it, especially the new songs. If you missed it, you can now catch it on YouTube.

8 songs sung live by Rodney, including 4 new ones we are working on for the new studio album. We hope you like them!

We’re also thinking of maybe doing some monthly live stream concerts for Fan Club members only – would that be something you guys would like to see? Let us know!

Festival of Darkness – Live in Hanover 1990

The live Festival of Darkness album, first broadcast on German radio in 1990, has now been released as a high quality download via our Bandcamp site. This is currently only available to fan club members, so if you want to get it, sign up now! This album will not be available via other streaming services, it’s strictly a fan club exclusive.

For a limited time when you sign up you will also get the Hello America album for free, as well as have all of our forthcoming releases automatically sent to you. This will include Rodney’s solo album Places Beginning with N which will be released next month, and The Cassandra Complex All the Things live album the month after that.

You get all of that for 5 bucks a month, and you will also get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting us in our work – and you might get some more special goodies as well.

Big thanks to legendary German alternative DJ Ecki Steig for making this release possible.

High Quality downloads now available on Bandcamp!

We have now set up a Bandcamp page so you can download our remastered records in the absolute best quality possible. Also by buying our records via Bandcamp we earn much more than we do via streaming services.

If you are a real Cassandra Complex “superfan” we have something very special for you: we have also just set up a “backstage” area on Bandcamp that is only accessible to subscribers. All you have to do to get backstage access is to subscribe to our Bandcamp page for 5 bucks a month. If you do that you will immediately get a free download of one of our records, plus free access to all new releases, and special tracks that won’t be available to the general public! And you’ll get some other special stuff that we aren’t announcing yet 😉

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