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May 31, 2007 |

Wave Gothic Treff

I’ve been out of touch for a couple of days while playing the WGT festival in Leipzig, Germany. This is a great festival, but it’s not open-air like most places. Basically for four days they take over every venue in the city and run non-stop concerts and parties. We were headling the Kohlrabizirkus venue on the last day of the festival, in other words, the top spot.

There were around 25,000 – 30,000 people at the festival, but the Kohlrabizirkus only holds around 4,000. That meant that it was filled to capacity several hours before we were due to go on, with hundreds (possibly thousands) of people getting turned away at the door. Even when it was sold out, the line of people outside trying to get in stretched all the way down the street!

I was seriously nervous seeing that as you can imagine, especially since we hadn’t played in five years, apart from the couple of warm-up shows in the past couple of weeks. But once we got on stage it was… incredible. We had a new light show set up for this one, with an 8 metre by 2 metre LED light wall that we had programmed for the songs. It was blindingly bright, but amazing to see. The audience went nuts from the beginning, and by the end the entire place was dancing and screaming for more. I even ended up crowd surfing…

We did a three camera video shoot as well, so you’ll get to see some of it once we get to editing some footage. For now, here’s a pic of Volker during Nightfall…

Rock & roll, eh?

And just look at those LED lights behind us…

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